Combining her passion for inventive and functional design, Victoria Delany, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London, presents her unique collection of hand crafted pewter plates.

Having trained in the traditional skills of goldsmithing, silversmithing, metal work and jewellery, Victoria combines traditional techniques with modern contemporary aesthetics, in order to create pieces that change the way we see familiar everyday objects.

Pushing the boundaries of modern design has become second nature to Victoria. Her out of the box approach to craftsmanship allows her to explore and develop intriguing concepts, to create highly sophisticated modern design that will last a lifetime.

This innovative approach has allowed her to create interesting and enduring pieces that demand attention and enhance their environment. With an innate appreciation for traditional making methods, Victoria exercises her ability to transform everyday tablewear into pieces of art that evoke intrigue, appreciation and emotion.

Latest Plates Collection

The handcrafted nature of the pewter plates means that each one is completely unique and individual – no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Each piece is embossed with the delicate imprint of cutlery resulting in quietly contemplative pieces of decorative art that are both practical and thought provoking.

Her latest collection of lovingly handcrafted pewter plates realise her vision of introducing unconventional dining pieces to contemporary culture. Victoria collaborates with talented British artisans to create her plates - working with a Sheffield based cutlery makers as well as Birmingham based pewter manufacturers in order to produce the plates in small batches.

As a talented creator of ultra-modern objects, Victoria unites the functional and the provocative in order to challenge conventional design. From one of the industries most exciting freelance designers, this collection is the epitome of bespoke table wear.