After achieving an Honours degree in Designed Metalwork and Jewellery, Victoria trained as a Silversmith. She recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, with a Masters in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery.

Victoria is recognised as a talented young designer who challenges the boundaries of design in the creation of ultra-modern, functional domestic objects. Victoria’s trademark is her innate ability to re-create traditional items and transform them into compelling, lifelong, contemporary pieces. She achieves this through designing with a beautiful simplicity, introducing splashes of bold colour, and evoking an instinctive, emotional engagement between user and object.

Victoria works confidently with a variety of materials including metals, woods and fabrics. She employs fine craftsmanship techniques paired with the latest technologies, often combining materials to achieve sophisticated, modern effects.
Victoria has a design consultancy in London. She offers freelance concept design services to brands and companies – both design for production and bespoke creations - and also welcomes private individual commissions. Victoria has most recently designed a collection of pewter products for Wentworth Pewter - under licence from the National Trust.

Victoria says simply of her designs “I want people to think, connect with and smile at my objects; then I know I am achieving what I set out to do”.